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The Branch web site contains up to date information about ringing in North Bucks. Much of the information formerly in this site can now be found there.

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News from Bletchley

The Fenny Stratford and Bletchley newspaper from the end of Victoria's reign provides a detailed insight into the formation of the Bletchley band

A new newspaper in the 1930's continues the story.

Handbell Performances

This includes quarters and peals.

May 24, 1925Fenny Stratford5056
September 12, 1991Bradwell Common1260
April 25, 1994Bradwell Common1424
June 6, 1994Bradwell Common1440
June 23, 1994Bradville1344
August 22, 1994Bradwell Common1260
August 29, 1994Bradwell Common1260
October 10, 1994Bradwell Common1280
October 31, 1994Bradwell Common1260
December 12, 1994Bradwell Common1260
February 6, 1995Bradwell Common1280
March 6, 1995Bradwell Common1344
March 13, 1995Bradwell Common1344
April 3, 1995Bradwell Common1296
April 10, 1995Bradwell Common1296
May 1, 1995Bradwell Common1440
May 15, 1995Bradwell Common1260
May 22, 1995Bradwell Common2520
July 17, 1995Bradwell Common1280
October 23, 1995Bradwell Common1260
December 11, 1995Bradwell Common1260
January 8, 1996Bradwell Common2520
January 29, 1996Bradwell Common1440
February 5, 1996Bradville5040
April 1, 1996Bradwell Common5040
April 15, 1996Bradwell Common1440
April 22, 1996Bradwell Common5040
July 1, 1996Bradwell Common1260
August 12, 1996Bradwell Common1276
September 16, 1996Bradwell Common1996
September 30, 1996Bradwell Common1440
October 28, 1996Bradwell Common1440
November 11, 1996Bradwell Common1260
November 18, 1996Bradwell Common1260
February 3, 1997Bradwell Common1440
March 3, 1997Bradwell Common1260
March 10, 1997Bradwell Common1440
September 1, 1997Bradwell Common1440
December 29, 2005Giffard Park1272
February 8, 2007Buckingham1260
February 15, 2007Buckingham1260
February 22, 2007Buckingham1260
May 25, 2014Beachampton5152
November 8, 2014Beachampton5024
June 28, 2015Beachampton2152
August 21, 2015Stony Stratford1272