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The Branch web site contains up to date information about ringing in North Bucks. Much of the information formerly in this site can now be found there.

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Three "new" bells

Three individual bells have been added to the archives. Two are still regularly chimed, the other was thought lost.

Branch Minutes

The Minutes are a full account of the meetings held by the North Bucks Branch since its foundation in 1904.

Committee111     14   
Half Yearly       96 34
Officers        927313
Other   1     133
Practice           1
Quarterly1624 22323028 123013 

Meeting Type:

 Minutes of a General Meeting of Bell Ringers from neighbouring parishes held at Newton Longville on June 11th 04 to consider the advisability of forming a North Bucks Branch of the Oxford D G of C Bell Ringers.

Prop and Secd that a Branch should be formed. Carried

Prop by the Rev F E Robinson Secd by R Nicholls the Rev C Leslie Norris be elected Chairman of new Branch. Carried

Prop and Secd that A E Powell be appointed Hon Secretary and Treasurer. Carried.

Prop Secd and carried that the Branch be called the North Bucks Branch of the above named Guild.

Prop Secd and Carried that one member from each forming tower be elected to form a committee the following gentlemen being elected.

Mr L HuckleMilton Keynes
G GraceShenley
T NicholsHanslope
Rev ForestSwanbourne
Mr Robinson (J)Sherrington
C ValentineStony Stratford
ShiltonFenny Stratford
Sidney SmithOlney
Rev W BennittBletchley
Mr F CaustonChicheley
Rev RumseyCalverton
Mr F BoothEmberton
F VickersLinslade
H TurnerSimpson
R NichollsNewton Longville

Prop Secd and Carried that the next quarterly meeting be held at Bletchley subject to Rector's permission.

Prop Secd and Carried that no long peals be rung on day of Meeting unless begun early in day so that bells may be free from beginning of meeting.

Prop Secd and Carried that next meeting be fixed for the last Saturday in September. Service in Church at 4pm Bells available at 2pm

C Leslie Norris