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News from Bletchley

The Fenny Stratford and Bletchley newspaper from the end of Victoria's reign provides a detailed insight into the formation of the Bletchley band

A new newspaper in the 1930's continues the story.

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June 6, 1914
Funeral of Mrs. Boyes
On Saturday evening the whole pull and stand of St. Mary's belfry was rung on the bells half-muffled as a last tribute of respect to Mrs. Boyes. After this a quarter peal of Grandsire Triples (1260 changes) was rung by the following ringers: 1, Harry Morris; 2, William Mead; 3, John Mead; 4, Laurence Meager; 5, T. Best, junr; 6, Ephraim Marks; 7, Harry Sear; 8, Valentine Sear. The peal was composed by Mr. James George of Rugby, and conducted by R. H. Sear. On Sunday the morning service was called by muffled ringing, when a well struck 336 Stedman Triples was rung by Messrs T. Hedges, W. Mead, W. Pratt, F. Stonton, E. Marks, H. Sear and W. Pratt.
Fenny Stratford Weekly Times
June 13, 1914