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The Branch web site contains up to date information about ringing in North Bucks. Much of the information formerly in this site can now be found there.

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Three "new" bells

Three individual bells have been added to the archives. Two are still regularly chimed, the other was thought lost.

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April 4, 1915
Miscellaneous performances
BLETCHLEY, BUCKS. - For morning and evening service, several touches of Stedman Triples by the following: G. Tompkins (Bristol), W. Edwards (Eastleigh), E. Reader (Loughborough), T. Best, L. Meager, F. Hedges, A. Crane, H. Morris, J. Mead, W. Mead, W. Sear, H. Sear, V. Sear, E. Marks, W. Pether, J. Sinfield. Conducted by E. Reader.
The Ringing World
May 14, 1915