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News from Bletchley

The Fenny Stratford and Bletchley newspaper from the end of Victoria's reign provides a detailed insight into the formation of the Bletchley band

A new newspaper in the 1930's continues the story.

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April 27, 1918
Memorial Tablet
On Saturday evening the Rector, the Rev. F. W. Bennitt, conducted a short service in the belfry of S. Mary's, Bletchley, when a tablet which has been placed on the walls of the tower in memory of Pte. Lawrence Meager, one of the great war's victims, was unveiled and dedicated. The service consisted of a few feeling and appropriate remarks by the Rector on the life in the parish and death on active service of him to whose memory the tablet had been erected, followed by prayers, the dedication of the memorial, and the Benediction. Those present were Mr. Fred and Mrs Meager (father and mother), Mr. and Mrs. J. Atkins, Mr. J. French (churchwarden), Mrs. A. Crane, Mrs. H. Sear, and the following members of the S. Mary's band of church bell ringers: Mr. A. Crane, Mr. W. Sear, Mr. W. Mead, Mr. R. Nicholls, Mr. F. Hedges, Mr. C. Garner, Mr. H. Holderness, Mr. E. Marks, Mr. H. Sear and Mr. Val. Sear. The tablet, which is ##, bears the inscription:- "Until the day breaks, and the shadows flee away." In memoriam, as a token of respect to Lawrence Meager, who for 20 years was a ringer in this tower, killed in action in France, September 27th, 1917." On October 19th,1917, a peal of 5,040 changes was rung to his memory, on half-muffled bells by:- 1 A. Crane, 2 W. Mead, 3 F. Hedges, 4 W. Sear, 5 Thos. Best, 6 R. Nichols, 7 H. Sear, tenor, Val Sear. Before and after the dedication service, the ringers present rang several "touches" of Stedman's Trebles and other changes.
Fenny Stratford Weekly Times
April 30, 1918